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Plan? What Plan?

June 30, 2008

The Husband and I were talking last night about how far we’ve come.  Alright, I admit it, I did most of the talking… but sometimes he’s a good listener especially when I gently remind him, “Hunny, sometimes I think you aren’t listening to me.” To which he responds, “huh?” 

I was the girl who never wanted to get married.  I never wanted children (the jury is still out on this one) and most definately I did not want to marry someone who wore a uniform. Of any kind.  At all.  I grew up a tom boy preferring to play crazy games with my brother in the mud with BB guns, climb trees (and houses), generally running amok.  The thought of settling down and living like a “girl” was repulsive.  I wanted to be a Physical Therapist and be in the Peace Corps.  I wanted to travel the world, help people, minister to them and their needs.  When I wasn’t travelling and helping the world heal, I wanted to live a block from my parents (okay maybe a couple miles or so) and spend my spare time with family.  I wanted to witness for Christ.  I wanted something so different than what I got.

A few weeks ago A Friend asked what I was attracted to in a man.  I hadn’t thought about this in quite some time, being that I feel The Husband is the most attractive man in the world.  Back in the day I wanted someone at least 6’4″ being that I’m 5’6″ and wanted that funny looking stair step between us.  I wanted to feel small next to my man.  I wanted olive skin, dark hair, dark mysterious eyes.  The Husband is 6’0″ blonde, crystal blue eyes and skin so pale we’ll have clear children.  It’s not that I think everyone should think The Husband is beyond compare, it’s that his everything is attractive to me.  We got married very quickly and for no reason other than we didn’t want to spend another day apart.  In his own criptic way, the Husband asked me to marry him five days after we met.  He was wearing his Air Force dress blues.  Marriage?  To a man in a uniform?  Crap.  A few years after we were married The Husband and I were at his parent’s home with a group of his high school friends.  Someone asked (I think it was actually his ex-girlfriend) how he knew I was the one.  He replied by wrapping his arm around me and tucking me into his armpit and declared, “I searched all over putting my arm around all sorts of women and I found her and she just… fit.  I said, Yep, she’s the one.”  That’s not exactly true.  But I do fit.  My shoulder fits perfectly in his armpit. 

Today I work in the Financial Planning industry.  It’s not the Peace Corps, but I enjoy it.  I’m married to a great guy and I can’t imagine my life without my MilFam to support me.  I move every three years and start all over again, nowhere near my family.  Oh, and I’m a girly girl.  So much that my favorite color is pink!  What happened to The Plan?

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