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Happy Birthday!

July 10, 2008

Yesterday was the beginning of my 27th year on this great earth.  The husband spent the day avoiding me making me think he’d forgotten my birthday.  I came  home to a wonderful surprise though…

Decorated Dining Room (The Freezer isn't staying in the dining room)

Decorated Dining Room (The Freezer isn't staying in the dining room)

 I know I need to vacuum, especially after three cakes yesterday.  I had a wonderful ice cream cake at work from The Lovely Co-Worker… who also brought me the most beautiful pink roses from her garden.  My mom made my favorite childhood cake, devils food with fluffy white icing.  And The Husband made the masterpiece above which is angel food (yum!) with lemon frosting.

On the table is my wonderful new meat grinder (thank you Gomer Pyle and Radar… mommy loves you too!), book, CDsMovies, TV Show and a beautiful pair of earrings from The Grand-In-Laws.


Cards from my loved ones arrived!

At the top of the picture, you can see a little painters tape on an outlet.  That’s The Husband’s way of “safing” the house from his clutz of a wife.  It’s the switch that turns the overhead fan on… which was covered in crepe paper.  I love you!
Cat Sized Deep Freeze

Cat Sized Deep Freeze

No, I won’t put Gomer Pyle & Radar in there… maybe.
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  1. July 11, 2008 16:57

    Cat’s Pajamas:
    You had an even better birthday! Those are some great gifts. We got a small deep freeze like that a couple months ago. It’s suprising how much it can hold. I’m so glad you’re making the salsa and pico guac-I hope you love them as much as I do. I’d love it if you’d link my site, and I hope you don’t mind if I do the same.


  1. If I had a signature dish… « The Cat’s Pajamas

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