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Come have coffee with me.

July 14, 2008

Hey you!  You know who you are.  Won’t you come have a coffee with me?  I miss you more than mere words can express.  You’re the friend I can’t write about because leaving you in Fayettenamville hurt like hell.  I swear we were cut from the same mold.  Who else can walk into Gap, wander the store for hours only to find each other holding the same exact things?  And out of all that we purchased that day, how is it that we met at church the following day wearing the same outfit?  I bet we looked like a couple of bozos but I was too busy laughing to care.  Of course, looking like a couple of twinks was nothing compared to the day you dyed my hair the color of a safety vest.  To this day, I hold to the fact that I was not mad, just highly amused.  I wore that teal shirt to church today.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you wore the same one today- because that’s just the way we are.  When together, it didn’t matter if our husbands were deployed.  We still laughed until we cried.

Don't lie... you know it was that color!

Don't lie... you know it was that color!

You say things are going well now that your honey is home. I’m glad to hear it.  I’m glad you took my advice… yes, that advice.  I’m glad that’s going well too.  Have you been to our church lately, or are you going somewhere on post now that he’s home?  I listen to the podcasts every once in a while.  The Husband and I still haven’t found a church we’d like to call home.  Oh, I framed that picture of you and your husband, it’s on my desk.  You look like a (short) princess!

I wish you were here to defend my honor.  It’s hard being here without someone who gets me.  My new friends (new and old) pick on me for the way I live.  They jest constantly saying I grind my own wheat (not true) and churn my own butter (also not true.)  The new friends don’t understand that I’m just being who. I. am.  I thirst to learn and thrive to do everything to the best of my ability.  Is there something wrong with that?  I don’t do these things because I feel like I’m better than anyone else.  I do it because it makes me feel safe, comfortable, needed.  You got that.  You understood that I was just decompressing at the end of the day by cooking fabulous meals from scratch, making cute crafts and planning the next big thing.  You’re my sister by choice.  I miss you terribly.  Won’t you come and have a coffee with me?  I know your coffee is just as good (regardless of what you say)… but it’ll make me feel good to take care of you for a while.  I’ll even buy a green kitchen gadget just for your visit.  

Oh!  By the way… that road is closed.



You still make me laugh even when you’re not around.  I love you girl.  

Latte, Cat Style

*You’ll need an espresso pot and espresso.  

2 c milk
1 T simple syrup

Prepare the espresso according to your pot’s directions.  In a stainless steel saucepan, whisk the milk over medium heat until frothy.  Pour a dab of simple syrup (Oh- I infused mine with mint a while ago and it was incredible) into your latte mug, fill with 2 shots brewed espresso and top with steamed milk and foam.


Grab a book and sip on this delishiousness while your worries melt away…

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  1. July 15, 2008 17:09

    I can so relate to this posting……as I would imagine so many of us would…..

    I will link to your blog on mine, hopefully it will increase your traffic 😉



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