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I’ve been hit!

July 28, 2008

“I’ve been hit…” not so funny if you’re reading this and one of the many military wives out there that read me daily.  But then again, I have a sick sense of humor and I have been hit!  By Prudy, no less!  I’ve been attacked by a six random thoughts meme and a music meme!  It’s your lucky day, friend,  I’m giving you the dirt.  It’s my lucky day too!  I’ve received an award (but I’m not blog-literate enough to know what to do with it.)

Six Random Things About Me…

1.  I sleep with a teddy bear every night when The Husband isn’t home.  He wears an Air Force flight suit and copious amounts of drool. I make The Husband load up my teddy bear’s nose with kisses before he leaves so I can still have a goodnight kiss.  Occasionally when The Husband is on deployment I unzip his little flight suit zipper to see what’s beneath *wink.   In reality, what’s beneath is a dog tag that The Husband engraved that reads, “You’re my dream come true.  I love you.  Me.”  My teddy bear is one of 5 things I placed in the “safe spot” when expecting tornadoes earlier this year.

2.  Even though The Husband is a devoted Air Force dude… I wear Marine Corps PT shirts every day of my life.  The Dad and The Brother are Marines.  ‘Nough said.

3.  Growing up (and still occasionally) I secretly wished I had a tail.  I feel as if so many emotions and attitudes can be expressed with the flick of a tail.  I’ve been envious of every dog and cat I’ve had since childhood.  If you ask The Husband, he’d say my eyes have learned to do what my missing tail can’t.

4.  I was diagnosed with ADD when I was 8.  My IQ is 2 points shy of genius (and 2 points higher than The Brother’s thankyouverymuch!)  My teachers thought I was stupid (and yes, I can say that because that’s what they called me!) so I went to the “Slow Class.”  I got worse, so they started testing me at Children’s Mercy.  The testing lasted the better part of a year and then I was placed in the “Gifted Classes.”  I was still bored.  I went to Sylvan Learning Center for 3 years where I learned coping skills.  My head, house, car… nothing is ever silent.

5.  I finally realize that my purpose in life is to be The Husband’s wife.  You know the saying, “Behind every great man, there’s a better woman?”  I can’t argue the point (except to say that I’m not better than him) because it is with my encouragement that The Husband is living his dreams.  I find enjoyment in making every little detail of his life run smoothly.  I’m a Type A personality and always need a plan… no matter how often I say I don’t.  I want to know what’s next in life so I can start working to make it perfect. 

6.  I believe I was born without the “mommy gene.”  Children flock to me like cats to those who are allergic.  I’m terrified of children.  I’m terrified I’ll break them or hurt them, that I won’t have the patience necessary to raise them to be respectable and courteous adults.  The shocking part: I still want them.  I want The Husband to be a dad someday… and he wants to be.  One of the very few things he can do to make me mute is talk about how excited he’d be if I were pregnant.  There’s a nice comfy bed in the guest room honey!

You’re probably bored by now, but stick with me a few more minutes.  I promise tomorrow I’ll tell you about the granola I made yesterday.

Six songs I could listen to on repeat for 12 hours straight:

1.  The Woman With You, Kenny Chesney

2.  Unforgettable, Nat King Cole

3.  Courtesy of the USA (Angry American), Toby Keith

4.  My Wish, Rascal Flatts

5.  God Bless the USA, LeAnn Rimes

6.  Thunderstruck, ACDC

I know Thunderstruck seems really random, but it gets my blood going every time!

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Trish permalink
    July 28, 2008 12:07

    I have known about you being terrified of raising children for some time. But believe me when I tell you, you would be an awesome Mommy! You are patient and plus they are different when they are yours. 🙂 Your Husband will also be a great father! I wish my sister and bother in law would have babies but sis is terrified. Not of children but of the labor. 🙂

  2. dinedish permalink
    July 28, 2008 13:34

    I envy your relationship with your husband. I love mine dearly, but the whole children aspect has really lessened the spark. Working on getting that back 🙂

  3. July 28, 2008 14:27

    I’m still scared, especially after the miscarriages I’ve had. If I can’t protect it while it’s IN me, how am I going to protect it after it’s born?

    The Husband is gone so often, that it’s almost like a little reunion every time he comes home. It’s hard work… but we try to “fall in love again” every time he comes home.

  4. July 30, 2008 09:00

    I hope this time I can leave a comment. I’ve been in CA for the last couple days with very dotty Internet services. It was so fun to read about you. I was trying to imagine you as the genius/bored child with an imaginary tail. I always love reading about you and military man. Even if you’re a bit anxious, I’m already so excited for you to have a baby someday.

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