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Let’s Play a Game!

July 29, 2008

Let’s play a game today. 

Study this picture closely.  Really closely.  Then drop a comment in the comment box (I don’t care if it’s anonymous) and tell me what’s wrong with the picture.  Don’t be rude… I know the china cabinet is dusty- don’t go there with me.  Think hard.  You might miss it.

What's wrong with this picture?

What's wrong with this picture?

I’m not sure how MSgt Gomer Pyle always manages to look so angry.  Well, he’s only angry when my butt’s not planted on the couch with him sitting on my lap- so I guess he’s only angry 99% of his life. 

Tomorrow’s game: BEAT THE KITTY!*

*Background information pertinent to the disclaimer:

MSgt Gomer Pyle only likes soft, delicate touches on his head.  Do not, for any reason attempt to rub vigorously or touch him anywhere else on his body especially his stomach.
A1C Radar likes to sit near you but not on you.  She loves attention, but hates… absolutely hates being held. **

**PITA disclaimer: There were no animals hurt during the beating of this kitty.  The Game of “Beat the Kitty” in our house is this…
If MSgt Gomer Pyle has misstepped, The Husband will rub all over MSgt Gomer Pyle, making sure he pays special attention to kitty’s belly which in turn, makes MSgt Gomer Pyle give us the look that basically says “I’m going to pee on your head in your sleep tonight if you don’t stop”.  If A1C Radar has acted up, The Husband will pick her up and hold her while loving on her… and the sounds that come from her are enough to wake the dead.  Anyone want to play?


UPDATE: MSgt Gomer Pyle or A1C Radar are by NO MEANS allowed on human eating surfaces.  Sorry for the confusion.

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  1. July 29, 2008 14:21

    I have thoroughly looked this photo over and I just can’t figure out what’s wrong with it. Maybe there’s something wrong with me.

  2. July 30, 2008 09:01


  3. July 30, 2008 09:01

    Help??? Any hints?

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