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Smitten’s Blueberry Pancakes

August 1, 2008

A few weeks ago Deb at Smitten Kitchen asked her readers to share their phobias of cooking.  Well, I had to step back and think about this for a while.  Of course, I’m shy when it comes to making things like candies and beautiful cakes… but I can live with that.  I can look at all the pretty cakes and not have to make beautiful cakes.  I can admire other people’s successful attempts at making simple things like hard candy… or even homemade caramel.  I can live without that being a part of my life.  I cannot… under any circumstances not make pancakes.  I mean, I haven’t even had children yet. Isn’t that a rite of passage or something?  I’ve tortured The Husband for almost six years with burnt or raw pancakes and a few weeks ago when Dr. Deb asked, I raised my hand, dangit!  I voiced my failure.  Pancakes. 

This past weekend, the famous Deb made pancakes… for me!  Yes she really is famous, I was sitting there drinking my coffee one day mindlessly flipping through Woman’s Day or Redbook… and there’s Smitten Kitchen!  I’m honored that this kind, generous soul wrote endlessly about how to make not just one perfect pancake- but a whole batch! 

First Attempt (not bad... not bad)

Deb is so generous with her knowledge.  I’ve been reading her site for years and I can’t begin to tell you some of the wonderful things this woman does in her kitchen.*  It’s scandalous actually.  I would need a 4,000 square foot space to do what she does in her 80 square foot kitchen in the heart of New York.  And a dish washer.  I would definitely need someone else in my kitchen to tackle those dishes.  I read and re-read the post about Pancaking it 101.  It turns out, I’m not using enough baking powder and my heat is way too high for pancake success.  I followed the recipe implicitly, even using a 1/2 c measure for pouring my batter.  I might use a smaller one next time because the pancakes were really large and flat by the time they cooked enough to have good for flipping bubbles. 

Look Dr. Deb... Medium-Low!

Look Dr. Deb! Medium-Low!

To get her perfect recipe and instructions, you must go see her.  Stick around while you’re over there and check out all of the wonderful things she dishes up.

Next week I’ll return to my normal, witty self.  I needed pancakes this week… I needed the homey comfort of it all.  They were so delicious they momentarily pulled me from this mini-funk I’m in!  For now, I’ll leave you with pictures (that aren’t nearly as beautiful as Deb’s) of the pancakes I made with Deb’s gentle instruction and guidance.

*Note, I just went through her recipe guide to link a couple of the items I’ve made from her site and I’m shocked at how many things I looked at when she made them and thought “yeah, right.  I can’t make that.”  Today, I was searching for these things I’ve made and I thought, huh…  I could totally make that now. 

Thanks Dr. Deb!

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