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Chi: Off.

August 8, 2008

I share a huge office with another woman, who makes me giggle every day with one thing or another.  The Office Partner is prone to headaches and prefers to work in the dark most days.  Working without lights on doesn’t usually bother me as there is a very large picture window across the room that floods my workspace with natural light and I have a couple warm-light lamps on and around my desk as well.  Today, however, I am in a mood because of my lack of attention this week. 

Don’t get the wrong impression, I never use ADD as an excuse for anything.  If any of my coworkers were asked, they would honestly say that they don’t notice anything wrong with me on bad brain days.  I know it’s in my head… obviously.  It’s just frustrating to me that I can’t straighten out my head sometimes.  I can’t focus on one thing… I start something, move to another only to get sidetracked on yet something else.  Its frustrating as all get out. 

This morning everything was clicking along as normal until I reached into my file cabinet beside my desk and couldn’t see anything through the darkness.  In a moment of (what I thought) was pure genius, I turned around… grabbed my floor lamp and moved it to the other side of my wall o’oak file cabinets.  Ahhh… problem solved.  This made The Office Partner chuckle because she feels I am prone to doing silly things.  She went downstairs for a while and I took that opportunity to move my desk 4″.  When she returned to our office she said, “Okay Cat.  What’s up?  First the twirling of the lamp like a baton, now you’ve moved the desk… again.  What’s wrong?”  I explained that something just feels off and jokingly said “Eh, my chi is off today.  I’m trying to be one with the universe.”  Now, any of you that know me, know that’s a load of crap.  I don’t believe in Chi or Feng Shui or whatever.  I like peace and harmony, but I’m not naive enough to believe peace and harmony can be manufactured in my universe by moving my flowers 1/2″ to the left. 

This prompted a long conversation in which I realized that maybe, just maybe… this whole Chi thing isn’t crap after all.  You see, The Husband tore apart The Man Room last Saturday to rearrange and make the room more efficient.  It makes me wonder, since The Man Room has been in disarray all week, perhaps that’s the reason for my universe not being peaceful and harmonious?  

SOUND OFF: Is Chi real?  Is that even what it’s called? 

Now, if I could just figure out a way to get my computer monitors to be wireless, I wouldn’t the 1/8″ gap between my desk and credenza.

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  1. August 9, 2008 22:55

    Is Chi real… know….I have always been a firm believer in non-traditional medicine….and that if your body is aligned right, stretched and hydrated that you are just going to feel better….. and I also believe there is a certain way things should be in a house to make it feel “right” as a home …. is that Chi or Feng- Shui….I don’t know….that might just be the name they gave it once upon a time….because someone wasn’t happy…..

    I think as we grow older we also have less tolerance for things that annoy us and so we do what we have to in order to fix them. I have moved things ever so slightly in my house because it bothered me so much… I have no idea, maybe we are in tune with things because we have just gotten to the point where we want them a certain way and we chose to change them to accommodate our way of thinking…

    Chi…..Feng-Shui……or just my way, your choice…but I respect those who believe in all of it…who knows, they may just be on to something.

  2. August 11, 2008 07:48

    Who knows? It’s fun to read about it either way.

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