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August 25, 2008

The In-Laws are visiting The Husband and I right now.  They got here Friday afternoon and will stay through Thursday, then The Sister-In-Law will board a plane for Washington DC on Saturday to start her junior year at George Washington.  We had a wonderful time this weekend showing off beautiful Kansas City and Lawrence. 

The In-Laws drove in from Montana, thinking they’d arrive Saturday mid-morning.  I bribed them with homemade cinnamon rolls if they got here Friday evening.  The Father-In-Law (FIL) and The Sister-In-Law (SIL) traded driving duties and when The SIL took over the wheel it was petal to the metal… that girl was getting here fast.  They arrived around 7:45 Friday evening and they look wonderful.  We sat around the dinner table eating leftover soup and wheat rolls reminiscing about old times and basically staring at each other until the wee hours of the morning. 

The SIL has recently contracted with the Air Force and went to Field Training over the past month.  Of course, there were some serious jabs going on between The Husband and The SIL when she showed us the video of her field training experience.  Field Training is basically Boot-Camp for Officers.  I don’t know for sure, but I’ve heard that it’s not as intense as Boot Camp because ROTC cadets usually attend between their Junior and Senior years of college.  The video was pretty cool.  It looked like she went through some rough things, but like the champ that she is… she survived.  The highlight of the video were the “PT Mats.”  Seriously.  It’s like a little yoga mat or something for cadets to use while doing their PT (Physical Training).  I’ve never heard of such a thing and I had to smile and hold back a giggle when I figured out what it was.  The military is suddenly concerned about blisters on your hands while doing push ups I guess.  Unfortunately, The Husband figured it out at about the same time… and I’ve heard endless jokes about Hard Core Cadets using PT Mats all weekend.  Rough life, kids.  Very, very rough. 

Saturday morning we started the day with fresh cinnamon rolls and trekked our way to the farmers market (where I got the cutest eggplants and bell peppers… more on that later.)  From there we went to Buca Di Beppo for a late lunch.  The In-Laws held The Husband’s and my rehearsal dinner at Buca and they wanted to take us back while they were in Kansas City.  We talked about the wedding, the rehearsal dinner and how much has changed in the past (almost) six years.  After lunch, we walked around The Plaza, my old stomping ground.  The FIL made pancakes for dinner and The MIL made cheesy scrambled eggs.  Our 10:00 dinner was perfect.  I even took a picture of them in my kitchen… because you know, I’m obsessive compulsive and can’t allow others to cook in my kitchen… it was a first.  At dinner, we talked about my inability to make pancakes and The FIL stated that in his family, it was the man’s job to make pancakes.  Problem solved!  Too bad The Husband wasn’t around to learn how to make them.

The In-Laws... Cooking in MY kitchen!

Sunday The Husband and I woke up with the roosters to start working on the meats for our Smoke Out.  The Husband smoked a brisket, pork ribs and salmon yesterday.  I made more wheat rolls, a potato salad and baked beans.  Once everything was smoked and locked away for safe keeping we headed to downtown Lawrence to show The In-Laws our little piece of Kansas.  They absolutely loved it.  If you find yourself ever passing through Lawrence, KS make sure you make your way down Massachusetts Street.  Our downtown is often alive with street performers (Bag Pipes, Painted Men, Corner Card Tricks to name a few from this weekend).  I think Lawrence gave The In-Laws a little feel for the New York they love and miss so dearly.  I can’t forget the shining moment when The Husband was pointing to a Jeep he wants to buy and rear-ended the car in front of us while he was driving my dad’s car!  Everything is fine, no damage to either of the cars.  Of course, there may be some damage to The Husband if my dad ever finds out what he did.  The tables turned from The Husband picking on The SIL about PT Mats to The SIL telling The Husband he needed to learn how to drive.

My parents and grandmama came to dinner last night bringing with them a fresh blackberry cobbler and an almond/peach/apricot cobbler.  My grandmama taught me how to make my wheat rolls actually look good in addition to tasting good.  After my family left, The Husband and The MIL went for a long walk and came back to The FIL, SIL and I sitting on the couch drinking beer and watching Law & Order.  We had a wonderful weekend… and I could totally use a nap.

*We still haven’t received the results of my mom’s surgery last week.  I promise to post something when we find out.  She looks great, just a bit tired.

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  1. Trish permalink
    August 25, 2008 16:55

    Whoa! Like father like son……your husband looks like his father….hands down. Glad you had a good weekend. I miss you so I am going to plan on coming on down again soon….maybe for mini-burgers???


    Mini burgers it is! I thought you met The Husband’s dad. They do look totally alike, The Husband is taller and uh… smaller, but they look so much alike! You know, Labor Day is coming- we’re having another block party. Mini burgers would be perfect!

  2. August 26, 2008 08:23

    They’re here. They look like lovely and kind people and you are all eating soooo well. Have a great time!

    Erin- we are having such a wonderful time! We’ve been staying up way too late, but tons of laughs and good times. I’m slightly sleep deprived and behind on a lot of things, but there will be a long weekend to recover soon.

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