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September 27, 2008

All week I’ve had a hard time trying to capture my thoughts into words.  Perhaps its my ADD rearing it’s ugly head.  

The Husband and I watched the debate last night.  Before it started, I had a ball of nerves in my stomach threatening to put an early end to the night.  I wanted many things from last night and I wasn’t disappointed.  

When the country is outraged and screaming for change in Washington I believe the candidates did a good job of portraying their views.  I felt that John McCain gracefully distanced himself from President Bush.  The pre-shows to the debate were all strategizing that John McCain had to show clear discord with George Bush and it made my heart hurt.  

Obama has done a wonderful job stating that John McCain voted with President Bush 90% of the time.  Did anyone stop to research what the 10% was in regards to?  I was afraid I’d see a man debating last night who would denounce his friendship with the President, I didn’t want to witness that.  I adore President Bush.  I think he’s done a tremendous job in keeping the American people safe.  I hope we, as Americans aren’t naive enough to think that Al-Queda and the Taliban formed their plots against the US in the short 9 months that President Bush was in office before 9/11.  

So we want change in Washington, right?  I think most of America is agreed on that.  The difference is, McCain spoke about his experience in changing the corrupted behavior.  Weeding it from Washington.  Obama agreed with McCain.  Obama then deferred to his right hand man, Biden to handle foreign policy.  What change is Biden going to bring that he hasn’t had the opportunity to in the past 34 years in Washington?  Senator Obama, don’t you realize just how precious international relations are to America?

Another thing that deeply bothered me is the talk about Afghanistan.  American troops invaded Iraq because they’d done such a great job in Afghanistan the first time, they flushed terrorist cells out of Afghanistan and into Iraq.  So, yes.  We have several different stages for this War on Terror.  Terrorists are in 60 different countries, but terrorists don’t work as a whole, they work in small groups formulating their own horrid plans to demolish.  So, Senator Obama… you admit they are in 60 different countries and you want to focus on Afghanistan?  I’m confused.  

I was appalled that Senator Obama botched the name of the soldier he wears his bracelet for.  I sympathize with the mother that gave the bracelet to him, not wanting another mother to have to go through what she has.  I understand.  Really, I do.  Senator Obama says no soldier ever dies in vain… then he denounces the war in Iraq.  He supports the troops, but not their mission.  Isn’t that like supporting the idea of a police officer, but not not supporting detainment of criminals?

We’ll see how things turn out.  I have faith in America.  

Hoping for a cool night, I’d planned a quick meal to keep us warm during the debate.  Rachael Ray never disappoints on quick meals.  We had White Bean, Chicken and Poblano Chili for dinner.  I can’t even describe the fabulousness of this chili.  It was spicy, hearty and thick.  You should make it one crisp evening.  It’ll warm your soul.

White Bean, Chicken and Poblano Chili
Rachael Ray (with my changes)

2 T olive oil
2 1/2 lb chicken, cut into 1/2″ pieces
2 (15 oz) cans white beans (I used Great Northern)
3 large poblano chilis, seeded and chopped
1 large onion, chopped
6 cloves garlic, chopped
1 c chicken broth (I used about 2 1/2 cups)
1/2 t cumin (I used 1 1/2t)
1/2 t dried oregano (I used basil)
1 t dried chipolte chili powder (I used 1 T)
One 8 oz block Monterey Jack cheese, shredded
4 flour tortillas
1/2 c sour cream
8 sprigs cilantro

In a medium saucepan, heat the oil over medium heat. Add the chicken and stir frequently until cooked through, about 15 minutes.  (This actually only took about 10 minutes.)

Add 2 cups white beans, the poblanos, onion and garlic. Cook, stirring frequently, until the beans break apart, about 15 minutes.

Stir in the chicken broth, cumin, oregano and chipotle powder, then lower the heat to low. Add the remaining beans and 1 cup jack cheese; stir just until melted, about 5 minutes.  (I added all of the beans at once after I drained them… it was perfect.)

In a dry skillet or a warm oven, heat the tortillas. Fold the tortillas into quarters.  (I don’t like toasted flour tortillas unless it’s a quesadilla… so I just warmed these in the microwave.)

Top portions of the chili with 2 tablespoons cheese, 1 tablespoon sour cream, a cilantro sprig and a folded tortilla.

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  1. Nikki permalink
    September 27, 2008 17:09

    I just have to say, I’m loving your political commentary! I agree completely with the things you’ve said and I love that you state your opinion gracefully and in a non-combative fashion. I love that you’re well-informed and really take the time to learn more about the issues and make up your mind. You’re a great example to everyone. Thanks for taking the time.
    The chili looks good, too. 🙂

  2. September 28, 2008 13:30

    Cat, you said it all and I agree. I so agree with you and your chili looks delicious. Rachel Ray never disappoints!

  3. September 28, 2008 18:40

    It sure is hard to watch any kind of contentious debate and stay calm. I have to keep my mom away or her blood pressure shoots right up. The chili looks wonderful and very calming so I’ll stick with that.

  4. Ted and Kristin permalink
    September 29, 2008 01:30

    I was screaming at the TV (in true Kristin fashion) when obama (won’t use capital letter) could not remember the name of the fallen soldier that he holds so dear to his heart… His start off with “I have a bracelet too” was something a four year old would say btw…..
    We mailed in our ballots Saturday…

  5. September 29, 2008 12:15

    “Senator Obama says no soldier ever dies in vain… then he denounces the war in Iraq. He supports the troops, but not their mission. Isn’t that like supporting the idea of a police officer, but not not supporting detainment of criminals?”

    Great point. Probably the best I’ve ever heard it put.

    How can you support a Soldier, yet not support victory in the fight he’s engaged in.


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