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And Then Cat Cried

November 5, 2008


Last night America elected a new president to lead this country and in doing so, chose the man that The Husband will look to as our Commander In Chief.  I didn’t vote for Barack Obama, but I will have to support him now. 

As the night wore on, I came to grip with the fact that I wasn’t going to get my way.  My vote no longer mattered and neither did my voice.  I can only pray that the coming years are reflective of all of our voices and not just the far left voices. 

I pray that our country does not suffer great tragedy and that President Elect Obama will reach across the aisle and take advice from those who are more experienced than he to make tough decisions.  I pray that we don’t pull out of Iraq and tuck our tails running.  Our country is great because we stand up for ourselves.  John McCain said it best, Stand up!  Stand up!  Stand up and fight!  Well, our fight has just begun.

I pray that our troops are safe and protected and I pray that our nation can continue to rest easy at night knowing that our president will put her safety first. 

I pray that the results of this election don’t reflect ideology of the American people, but reflect stress and unease about the economy or excitement of voting for the first black president.  Hopefully, Obama will live up to the promises he made and not disappoint so many that supported him.  I don’t think it’s possible to fulfill his aspirations, but I hope he tries and wasn’t using the last two years as exhausting hot air.

On a good note, I feel that electing the first black president is a wonderful reflection of how this country is moving.  Again, since this is my place to be me… I’ll be honest here.  Obama was never a “black man” to me.  He’s always been a far left leaning liberal who I disagree with to the very core of my being.  If Obama had never mentioned race, it wouldn’t have been an issue to me… because I wouldn’t have noticed.  Once you fight a war and spend months on end away from your loved ones, color doesn’t play a role.  After all, blood is red no matter what the package looks like.

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  1. November 5, 2008 10:12

    Remembering that God is still on the throne, and nothing comes about that didn’t already pass through His hands.

    I am truly afraid for this country. Truly afraid.

  2. Kate permalink
    November 5, 2008 10:35

    At least you’re not talking about moving to Canada… 🙂

    Kidding aside, things will get better. We still have until January to adjust, to get ready. I’m hoping that he lives up to his promises (good luck with that, from a politician) and doesn’t use the presidency as a popularity contest with particular constituencies. If I can ignore the socialist parts (ie: most of the everything), maybe something good will come of this… before everything goes down the drain.

  3. Barbara Hahn permalink
    November 5, 2008 11:08

    I too feel your pain this morning. I hope we can leave Iraq not with our tails tucked under, but as a victory for freedom for their people. If not, so many soldiers and their families have suffered in vain.
    I feel that part of the victory for Obama was a popularity vote and part of the victory was that so many Americans are suffering with this economy. The war and other important issues took a back seat to the economy issue and I can understand that fact. For those that voted for Obama because of his race and his youth, I pray to God he doesn’t disappoint them. If he disappoints them, he hurts all of us.

  4. November 5, 2008 21:18

    That is what bothered me so bad. Know this is my sons boss. I to have to pray for the safety of our nation and our soldiers.

  5. Ted and Kristin permalink
    November 7, 2008 01:27

    One of the (many) things that bothers me is that he did get the “African-American” vote – because he’s black. The media proudly reported all the “African-American” votes he would be getting – and did get. He even won NC.
    So. What bothers me is…. and I guess what my question is… is this:
    How is it racism if someone votes for a man because he’s white.
    It’s not racism if someone votes for a man because he’s black.
    If he won because he is black – did we actually get anywhere…. or was this just a shift?
    I’m with you. Race was never a factor for me. If anything was it would have been gender…. I don’t know that I am ready for a woman president (and I am a woman)… Race? That never mattered to me. Never will.

  6. beth permalink
    November 8, 2008 22:43

    I’m not attempting to put you down but it’s clear that praying (and even praying HARD and for long time) will not make obama a good or better president. let’s be honest, you probably prayed HARD for mccain to win. it didn’t work. i mean, sarah palin said that she was praying for a win. looks like “god” didn’t grant her her prayers either!

    I do know that when i read chocolatechic’s comment, i got scared. can someone translate that for me? why is she scared?

    but the thing about your post that was hard to read were the following:

    “I can only pray that the coming years are reflective of all of our voices and not just the far left voices.”


    “I pray that the results of this election don’t reflect ideology of the American people”

    i’m sorry but since when has an election and an administration EVER represented “all our voices”? i can’t think of one, can you? YES, the result of this election DID finally represent the ideology of the American people – it’s about time we had change! that was people wanted. we’ve been dealing with the worst of the worst for 8 LONG years. why wouldn’t the ideology of many of the people of this country change after all the mistakes of the last administration?

    i’m sorry if we have different views on things and i thank you for trying to be balanced with your views on certain things about obama, but the truth is nothing and no one can be worse than B*sh. I can’t even give him the benefit of typing his name. If things are worse after 4 years, I’ll swallow my words. but give the man a chance for a minute.

    it’s the first time in my life i am actually feeling hopeful and that is a nice feeling after the past miserable 8 years.

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