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Happy Veterans Day

November 11, 2008


To My Veteran, My Hero, My Love…

You often tell me that true heros are silent and unwilling to accept praise for a job well done.  It’s all part of the job, you say.  It’s a part of you, I say.

Occasionally I glance your way and catch a glimpse of the haunted look hidden deep in your eyes.  You catch my stare and immediately your face changes, the laugh lines appear and love comes flooding out of those baby blues.  Your eyes have seen unspeakable acts of horror and unfathomable acts of gentleness in the same war.

I’m often asked how I can pick you out of a crowd when desert camouflaged men come flooding out of C-130s at a welcome home rally.  It’s your walk.  You’re always on a mission.  When at work, your mission is to be the best crew chief the Air Force has ever seen.  You work hard, pushing to the max so the mission can go on.  When at school, your mission is to study with an never ending thirst for knowledge.  I’m convinced you want to design, build and fly the next super-sonic aircraft.  You want to do it all.  When being a husband, your mission is to love with a passion that can’t be compared.

For seven years I’ve stood by your side.  I knew marrying into the military was going to be difficult.  I’ve tried, so many times I’ve tried to tell you how wonderful and difficult it is.  You make it easy for me to stay strong.  You make it hard to live without you.  

Your passion for this country has weaved its way into my life, making my own passion take off and soar above the clouds.  In my moments of weakness and irritation I say to you, “I wish I could pick the people you fight for.”  Your calm response, “I fight for the other people’s constitutional right to annoy you.”  We laugh, you relieve the tention in an instant.

Four times I’ve helped fill your bag with enough necessities to sustain life without me.  Four times, I’ve felt useless as a woman, as your wife… I won’t be there to take care of you!  Four times I’ve watched you walk out of my life to fight for our country.  Four times, I’ve thought, ‘I can’t do it.  Not again.’ only for you to kiss my forehead, tell me how strong I am… 

I believe you are the strong one.  You hold everything inside not to let any weakness show.  Your only weakness is me.  You hold me on a pedestal and worry about my disappointment.  You say you won’t share your war stories with me because you’re afraid I’ll look at you differently.  I’ll only love you more for trusting me with your sorrow.  There’s nothing in this world that would diminish my pride in you and your service.  I’m so very proud of you.

You say heros don’t look for recognition.  I agree.  You’re too humble to accept recognition anyway.  Today is your day though.  Today I will celebrate your life as a patriot and warrior for this country.  I hope, for one day… you accept the gratitude this nation extends you for your service.  

I love you.  You will always be my hero.  Happy Veteran’s Day love.

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  1. Trish permalink
    November 11, 2008 09:43

    Tell hubby Happy Veterans Day from me as well. I love him and appreciate all he does. You too….you are very strong to go through all of it with him…..I love you both! MUAH!!!!!

  2. November 11, 2008 09:50

    Thanks to your special husband and all the other men and women that have served and are serving this country.

  3. November 11, 2008 10:34

    A very happy Veteran’s Day to you both, dear. ♥

  4. November 11, 2008 12:29

    That was truly touching. You are a wonderful wife. Happy Veteran’s Day to your family and all the other military families out there.

  5. November 11, 2008 16:46

    Very touching. Wishing peace and joy to you and your loved ones.

  6. November 11, 2008 21:02

    That was a beautiful tribute…thank you to you and your husband and all the other military families whose sacrifices make us free.

  7. Ted and Kristin permalink
    November 12, 2008 01:41

    Well said. 🙂

  8. November 12, 2008 09:36

    Oh Cat, that was beautiful….your words are a constant reminder of what a great Hero your husband is and what a wonderful husband he is to you. I can’t help but feel the love you two share….I know it from knowing you, but a stranger knows it from the words you use to describe the way you fell about him and how you feel when he is absent from your side, but not absent from your heart…..

    I know this because I too love this kind of man…..this kind of Hero….

    I’m a little late but please tell your husband Happy Veteran’s Day and thank him for all he has done for and will continue to do for this thankful Nation….from this Soldier’s Wife.


  9. November 13, 2008 17:51

    This is so incredibly touching.

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