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Week of Siblings

March 23, 2009

For the past week, The Husband and I have had non-stop company.  We started spring break with The Husband’s sister flying in from DC to stay with us.  The sister-in-law is graduating in December and this was most likely the last break she’ll spend with us.  The Air Force has great plans for her as well.  

My brother has finally returned from his deployment and he moved to Oklahoma last week.  After spending a month at home in North Carolina, he packed up his stuff and trucked out to Oklahoma… alone.  The Brother’s wife and son are still in North Carolina finishing out the school year.  I haven’t seen The Brother in a year and half.  Seeing him was incredible and surreal.

Yesterday morning I woke The Husband and The Brother at 7:30 to prepare meats and wood for the smoker.  I ran to the grocery store to come back to find the two of them standing in my kitchen doing “manly cooking.”  We smoked 3 slabs of ribs, 2 pork tenderloins and I made baked beans and dilly potato salad and asparagus.  We enjoyed a long lunch with my parents and grandmama.

I packed to-go containers for everyone and sent them on their way.  When the door closed behind me I burst into tears.  The Husband wrapped me in  his arms and promised me many more moments to share with our families.   I turned around and see that my house is empty.  It’s just The Husband, our little Radar and me.  How sad… but exciting all at the same time.

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  1. March 24, 2009 17:22

    Hi Cat,

    I have left an award for you on my blogspot.


  2. March 25, 2009 13:26

    We have a son at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. He is very gregarious and social. Engaged to be married in September. Maybe he will meet your brother!

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