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Happy… Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

May 8, 2009

To all of the lovely ladies and gents out there that serve our country by supporting your loved one:  Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

You are so amazing in every way! 

You man the home-front on your own.
You form a new family every 3-4 years.
You say goodbye more than should have to.
You raise children as both mom and dad.
You involve yourself in the community and learn all there is to know.
You sleep alone at night more often than not.
You have unit pride that can rival any school pride.
You move constantly, struggling to remember your current location.
You watch the news with a lump in your throat.
You gather strength when you felt you had nothing left to give.
You speak in acronyms and phonetic code.
You give your life for this country, never looking back… always looking forward.
You know how to work an iron that could rival a dry cleaners.
You live the life of a married person, but spend your life alone.
You go months on end desiring nothing more than his/her arms around you.
You know how to find your man/woman out of 200 debarking an aircraft wearing uniform.
The sight of DCUs induces irritated stomach.
You sum up an entire week’s worth of “I love you’s” in a single 15 minute phone call once a week with a bad connection.
You knew what the UAE was before they built the cool sailboat hotel.
You stop yourself from arguing because you’d rather have good memories than bad.
from Claire: You know how to calm the fears of children and family even when your own heart is filled with unspeakable dread some days. 

You truly are amazing in every single way.  I pray that God gives you peace and you find yourself with a smile on your face today along with immense pride in all that you accomplish.  You are: Loved, Cherished, Incredible! You are a Military Spouse.

**Please, feel free to drop comments in the box and add to the list… I’ll keep this updated and give credit where credit is due!**

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  1. May 8, 2009 09:43

    You know how to calm the fears of children and family even when your own heart is filled with unspeakable dread some days.

  2. May 8, 2009 10:42

    I see from the military member side what the spouses do and have to put up with every day. While it takes a special person to be in the military, it takes a special person to marry into the military and have to put up with all of the nonsense. We understand that it is our job, but no other job requires the families to be as involved as the military. Happy military spouse appreciation day to you!! 🙂

  3. May 11, 2009 11:27

    Would you mind dropping me a line at wolf1 at laughingwolfdot net? Have a nice proposition for you that actually ties into military spouse appreciation. 🙂

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