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Calling All Prayer Warriors

October 12, 2009
Picture stolen from

Picture stolen from

I have several friends who are in the throws of emotional and spiritual war.  I’ll keep this short so that you can spend your time reading the words of my friends and get to praying.

T & K* are “real life” friends of mine who have seen me through deployments and a few very difficult times in my own life.  I’ve celebrated, cried and died inside along with them in their own situations.  I honestly thought the day we all left North Carolina, that our friendship would change… we’d grow apart.  God has different plans.  I’m attached to them spiritually (even though the stinkers moved all the way to Korea!).  I ask you to keep them in your prayers, be a prayer warrior for them.
*Newer entries after the link above for a bit of an update.

Another military friend is Matt, who has battled alongside his 5 year old cousin, Sean, while Sean’s parents deployed.  Matt sat with Sean last weekend as Sean slipped away to Heaven.  Sean’s parents are on emergency leave but weren’t able to make it home in time to say goodbye to their little man.  Please, keep them in your heart and prayers.  Please keep Matt and his mother (who is expecting a baby very soon) in your heart and prayers as well.

One last request for prayer.  I won’t give out too many details because my friend (here in KS) hasn’t made these things public, but if you could please pray for my friend Diana who is going through one thing after another right now… well, I’d appreciate it.  She’s suffered great loss recently and the hits keep coming.

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