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One for Home, One for Home-Away-From-Home

October 7, 2009

Autumn Mantel

Please, accept my sincere apologies for my unintended absence the past two (!?!) weeks.  I wish I had a good story to tell you, something wild and crazy that kept me away.  Alas, I have a whole pocket-full of nothings that have kept me from visiting with you (and all of my friends).   Read more…


Paula Perfect and Chocolate Cake

September 24, 2009

Chocolate Cake

When I was young (and still today) my mom called me Paula Perfect.  The moniker refers to my never ending desire to do things right, no matter the cost… to make a pretty life.  I strive endlessly for the right attitude, the perfectly straight hair, the organization which would make a sane person itch, the perfectly cleaned home and ready to serve munchies for friends stopping by.   Read more…

Here’s to the Heroes: A Military Tribute

September 17, 2009

A e-friend of mine sent me this YouTube video that I thought was beyond beautiful.  Please enjoy.


September 16, 2009

I wonder if everyone goes through these feelings before they unveil the cloke of their website.

I’m a little nervous about Blog World Expo 2009.  What if these people don’t like me?  What if I can’t answer their questions?  What if someone asks me questions I don’t want to answer?  What if…

The Trip to Explain a Lifetime (Part 2)

September 14, 2009

Dalhart 6

(part 1 here)

We left dad’s childhood home and drove a few blocks to the elementary school he had attended.  Anything that isn’t an adventure to a child seem so far away… such a long journey. Dad was amazed that the old school was less than 2 blocks from his house.  I was amazed because the two story school house is now a private residence.  I could not imagine how much effort was needed to keep the place clean.  Just to mop the floors in this place would be a killer not to mention its outrageous monthly utilities.  One thing that was in the owners favor though; they don”t have to water their grass.  The entire school yard was dirt, just like all the roads in this part of town. Dad won a school talent contest one year for singing, Somewhere Over the Rainbow (he must have paid someone off because he can’t sing a note.)  Dad got his first school whipping in this school when he was in the fourth grade and it was here that he began his life-long love of studying history.   Read more…

Amazing Grace

September 11, 2009

Thank you to all the families who sacrifice so we do not have to endure another day like this one 8 years ago.  May God Bless You!

Please take a moment to say a prayer for all the victim’s families, a life cannot ever be replaced.

To all my brothers and sisters serving our great nation, thank you. No words can express my gratitude.  I’m so proud to be an American, so proud to be a part of our military.  There are no words…

Birthday Sheet Cake

September 10, 2009


My friend Pamela’s favorite cake is a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  It’s not her birthday and I didn’t make the cake for her, but instead made Ina Garten’s Birthday Sheet Cake for The Husband who has been moping around the house because I gave away almost the entire apple slab pie I made last weekend.  If history is any sort of predictor, I’ll be giving away most of this cake as well. Read more…